Association presentation


The Association Française de Speedcubing (AFS) is an association ruled under the French 1901 law, bringing together volunteers and passionate members around the practice of rotating puzzles, including the renowned cube invented by Ernö Rubik .

Its purpose is to promote the practice, in particular by facilitating the organization on the French territory of official competitions (governed by the World Cube Association). As such, we support the organizers in various ways (loan of equipment, assistance to the financing of rooms, insurance, management of registration fees, etc.) We also intervene regularly in various events (cultural, associative, charitable, commercial, media) by offering demonstrations and initiations.

You can join the association on this page.

The association is not affiliated with the Rubik’s brand, or any other brand or company producing or reselling puzzles or accessories of speedcubing.


The board currently consists of:

  • Pauline Bonnaudet, Chair
  • Hippolyte Moreau, Treasurer
  • Maxime Lefebvre, Secretary


Several teams are responsible for specific tasks within the association:

  • Website: Philippe Virouleau and Antoine Piau
  • Contact: Pauline Bonnaudet, Hippolyte Moreau, Maxime Lefebvre, Antoine Piau, Mario Laurent and Atalis Safont
  • Social Medias: Delphine Tran and Nicolas Gertner
  • Communication: Contact and Socials Medias teams, Lina Tissier and Jules Desjardin
  • Streaming: Hippolyte Moreau, Mario Laurent, Rui Reis, Vincent Colin and Jules Desjardin