Ugine Jeu et Jouet 2015

Version Française

  • Date : saturday 5th and sunday 6th december 2015
  • City : Ugine, France (Savoie)
  • Venue : Avenue Ernest Perrier de la Bathie, 73400 Ugine
    (in front of the "Montmain" stadium)

Welcome on "Ugine Jeu et Jouet 2015" competition page.

Competition will take place during the "Festival du jeu et du jouet", on december 5th and 6th 2015. The festival entrance fee is not included, and is mandatory to take part in the competition. This fee is 2€/day.

Registration must be made on WCA website. Maximum number of competitors is 35.

It is an official WCA competition, official WCA regulations will be applied. All competitors are requested to read these regulations.

Results will be registered into WCA database.

Organizers are Antoine Simon-Chautemps, and Philippe Virouleau. Feel free to contact them if needed.

WCA delegate is Philippe Virouleau. All competitors will be asked to help the organisation during the 2 days. Any desagreement with this rule may lead the competitor to be disqualified from this competition. This rule is fully integrated into the WCA regulations.

Event list

Official events :

  • Rubik's cube 3x3x3
  • 2x2
  • 4x4
  • 3x3 blindfolded
  • Pyraminx


Opening hours for the gaming festival are the following :
Saturday : 14h-19h30
Sunday : 10h-18h

For the detailed schedule of the competition, please see the french version of this page, it shouldn't need a translation ;)

Note : at the beginning of each event of each day, we will hold a demonstration for newcomers, don't miss it !